Beginners Guide to Lock picking and raking

We made this simple guide to help those starting out in lock picking and locksport. When I first started to learn to pick locks I assumed one method fits all and thought that the slow method of picking individual pins was the only tool available to lockpickers, I found out that in fact there are many ways to pick a lock, and one of my other favourites is Raking.

In the video, I start by showing the more well know method and then move on to raking. It can be great to practice with a perspex lock so you can really understand how the lock works, also try not to limit yourself to using the same picks all the time, different picks have different advantages to locks so try to give them all a chance!

Once you’ve mastered these techniques you can move on to more complicated locks and methods, In the future, we will make a video about the Kronos a powerful tool that can automate and speed up the raking process! Make sure you Subscribe for that one.


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