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  • Netgear GS110TP Hidden CLI

    This was a quick video, I just really wanted to show everyone what i had learned about the Netgear GS110TP and how you could get to the command-line interface (CLI) even though its an unadvertised or hidden feature. As I say in the video I stumbled upon the port while conducting a routine port scan […]

  • Creating a Ubuntu 20.04 Virtual Machine in Windows

    This guide comes off the back of the Xiaomi OpenWrt Guide, a few people asked me to create a Windows version of that guide and I tried, I tried for about 4 hours to get the exploit to work on windows and when I finally managed to get it to work I had no idea […]

  • Installing OpenWrt on the Xiaomi 4A, 4C, 3Gv2, 4Q, miWifi 3C and debrick method

    ##Update: I created a newer video with a more up-to-date guide that you can find by clicking here!## I bought the Xiaomi 4A router a while back because it’s quite cheap when considering the specifications of the router, it really is good value for money. Though the performance of the stock firmware was ok, I […]

  • Setting up DHCP to debrick the Xiaomi 4A router (OpenWrt)

    I’ve left this guide here but it is outdated, for a much easier guide check out this video and debrick tools available here. This guide shows how to quickly set up a DHCP server and TFTP server to allow us to upload the stock firmware to the Xiaomi 4A router and debrick it. I made […]

  • Installing OpenWrt on the HooToo TripMate HT-TM05 via TFTP

    The HooToo Tripmate HT-TM05 is another great travel router, like the Ravpower but just without an SD slot. Once again we can use the TFTP method to upload the firmware as I have spoken about in detail here. The installation of OpenWrt is painless and adds a lot of functionality to the HooToo router. My […]