Xiaomi Mi Debrick Tools Downloads and Guide

Please find the download links for the debrick tools below. If your device isn’t listed here feel free to leave a comment and I will try to create one for you.

Xiaomi Debrick tools
Xiaomi Mi Debrick tools

Please ensure you follow our YouTube guide here and make sure you set your IP to before running the software. More info can be found in the FAQ section on this page for help and guidance.

Debrick Tools:

The English version will NOT work with a Chinese version router (and visa versa), please select the correct version that your router came with! In some cases, you can use the incorrect version however the stock language change may be irreversible.

Download “Xiaomi 4A GIG Debrick Tool (Chinese)”

TinyPXE4A.zip – Downloaded 14615 times – 13.05 MB

Download “Xiaomi 4A GIG Debrick Tool (English)”

TinyPXE4AINT.zip – Downloaded 35949 times – 14.29 MB

Download “Xiaomi 4A 100m Debrick Tool”

TinyPXE100M.zip – Downloaded 10600 times – 22.82 MB

Download “Xiaomi 4C Debrick Tool”

TinyPXE4C.zip – Downloaded 9397 times – 10.15 MB

Download “Xiaomi 4 Debrick Tool”

TinyPXE4.rar – Downloaded 2545 times – 15.34 MB

Download “Xiaomi Mi Mini Debrick Tool”

TinyPXEmini.zip – Downloaded 2415 times – 12.28 MB

Download “Xiaomi Mi Router 4A (R4AC) 100M INT”

4A (R4AC) 100M INT.zip – Downloaded 4841 times – 10.40 MB

SHA256 Checksums:

4A GIG Chinese
4A GIG Chinese
4A 100M
4A (R4AC) 100M INT

Debrick FAQ:

What is this?

This is a slightly modified version of the free software TinyPXE which you can download here, the changes we have made to these versions are they are preconfigured for the IP of and they are preloaded with the stock firmware of the router they are for (test.bin in the folder). Feel free to make your own I’ve posted these here to make life a little easier! Please note that the firmware image you use must be named “test.bin” and only stock firmware will work (using custom firmware like OpenWrt will not work with the debrick method).

How do I use the Debrick tools?

Before you begin you need to set your computer’s IP to, If you need help we created a guide you can find here. Once done you can follow our Debrick guide for the Xiaomi routers that you can find here.

Ensure you have a wired ethernet connection and power on the device while holding the reset button on the rear for at least 30 seconds. If you have problems check your firewall/antivirus isn’t blocking connections.

How can I get help?

We will try our hardest to get back to you as soon as we can in comments here or on YouTube otherwise you can head to our Discord or the contact us page.

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