Youtube Review and Guides

I want to review your products!

If you have a product you think our viewers might be interested in, I’m always looking for new content to review. Here’s a list of some of the categories we normally cover for example:

  • Audio
  • Recording Equipment
  • Cybersecurity
  • IoT
  • Electronics
  • Automotive tech
  • Computer hardware
  • Gaming
  • CryptoCurrency

To name a few, mostly anything that can be defined as Tech we will be interested in but happy to hear any inquires in any product type.

Get in touch

You can contact us about any possible idea’s from out contact us page.

What to expect?

Happy to talk about the finer details on a case by case process but generally for all products we do an unboxing/review and depending on the product we may do follow up video’s with guides and more info. All our videos are accompanied by a blog post here on our website too.

Please allow time for us to create the content and we may already have reviews scheduled for release on set dates, get in touch with us early and I can try to accommodate publication on dates where possible.