About Us

Hoddy’s Guides is a small team of Hoddy and Fluff, working to create a place where people can come to get reliable guides and reviews on tech or whatever we feel like!

I guess you could call us “Tech Influencers” but really we just like getting our hands on new stuff and getting to show it off to our community. Our video production is vastly improving with each video, we’re always looking to improve. Photo’s, graphics, taglines, script proofing is covered by Fluff and Video/audio editing, filming and scripting are coverd by Hoddy but often the work will mix.

Almost as much of our time goes into support as it does making video’s we read (and normally reply) to every comment, and have spent hours troubleshooting with our community but that’s important to us, we often make guides on complicated subjects and one size doesn’t always fit all. So happy to say we will always try to help. On that note, our love of OpenWrt is a blessing and a curse!

To us, The most important thing is that we only give honest reviews, if a review or guide has been paid for, we will always make that clear and we will remain unbiased regardless. A lot of products are given to us as review samples that we receive no finacial benifit for (but we don’t pay for either), this is often the case (for the sake of transparency). Feel free to ask about our relationship with any product and we will always be transparent, how else could you trust our reviews!

Other than that we love Tech, Gaming, locksport, engineering and anything we can get out hands-on!

If you want to get in touch with us check out the Contact us page.