Category: Tech

  • Uhuru UCM 11PL Shotgun Microphone Kit

    This is the second Microphone we have made a video on from Uhuru, another reasonably priced Microphone on Amazon. The Uhuru UMC 11PL is a kit of quite a few tools, in fact, most of the things you need to get started as a Youtuber or Vlogger. It hosts: Shotgun Microphone LED Light Phone Holder […]

  • Netgear GS110TP Hidden CLI

    This was a quick video, I just really wanted to show everyone what i had learned about the Netgear GS110TP and how you could get to the command-line interface (CLI) even though its an unadvertised or hidden feature. As I say in the video I stumbled upon the port while conducting a routine port scan […]

  • Uhuru UM910 microphone review – unbox, setup and demo

    The Uhuru UM-910 is another reasonably priced microphone like the Tonor video we did recently, however, this one is USB. The benefits of USB vs XLR is that you don’t need to worry about fancy audio set up to power it, it just runs straight out of the box. The mic has a decent build […]

  • Tonor BM-700 microphone review – unbox, setup and demo

    It’s become apparent in our video’s that the sound quality wasn’t great, definitely the lowest point of our productions to date, and here’s why: Up until recently, this was my microphone! My VR headset mounted atop a camera to get it closer to my mouth, this was the best I had. Definitely wasn’t giving the […]

  • Creating a Ubuntu 20.04 Virtual Machine in Windows

    This guide comes off the back of the Xiaomi OpenWrt Guide, a few people asked me to create a Windows version of that guide and I tried, I tried for about 4 hours to get the exploit to work on windows and when I finally managed to get it to work I had no idea […]