Uhuru UM910 microphone review – unbox, setup and demo

The Uhuru UM-910 is another reasonably priced microphone like the Tonor video we did recently, however, this one is USB. The benefits of USB vs XLR is that you don’t need to worry about fancy audio set up to power it, it just runs straight out of the box.

The mic has a decent build quality, its heavy which is always a good sign. It has a nice matt black exterior and all the parts seem to be strong and robust. The base plate is particularly heavy, you’re unlikely to knock this over by accident. The Upright has 2 threads so will fit most standard microphone holders:

The sound of the microphone is very good for the price, it captures a lot of the bass in my voice that most microphones miss. I did have to put the volume up quite high to get a good sound but that’s common for USB condenser mics and I still had room to put it higher to past the cutting point. All in all a great mic for the money!

If you have any question, would like to see more tests or perhaps a comparison to other microphones please leave a comment.


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  1. […] The shotgun microphone is impressive, especially when using something decent to record with, in the video I made sure not to do any post-processing to the audio recorded on my phone to give you the out of the box sound, but in dubbing, you can really hear this can be an excellent microphone with a little tweaking If you want to know what settings I used for this its the same as I used in the UM910 video. […]

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