UHURU UM 900 Microphone

The UM-900 is another well-priced microphone from UHURU, It’s much like the UM-910 that we reviewed, but with a fully adjustable boom arm. The sound is also alike, as with the other UHURU mic’s it’s very good with a nice bassy sound.

The boom arm is a nice addition for me personally because I find that the extra sprung arms take out a lot of the vibrations you can hear from tapping on the desk with keyboard and mouse which makes it ideal for game streamers but also podcasters and YouTubers like myself.

The trick to setup is with condenser mic’s you need to set the volume high in both windows “sounds” and whatever your using to stream with e.g OBS

It’s also a good idea to use the rear ports on the back of your PC, you’ll be surprised what a little bit of volt drop can do between the front and back. It’s also important to check the input pattern so you know where to talk into! On this mic, you talk into the side with the UHURU logo. Also with a bit of planning, you can point the rear of the mic to anything that you don’t want to hear for instance your keyboard or the fans of your computer.

Overall, we really like this mic, it’s reasonably priced and is exactly what is needed for any video creator, greatly impressed with the sound quality and build quality. no complaints at all!

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