Maono AU-PM422 USB Microphone

Maono AU-PM422 USB Microphone is another video on a USB condenser microphone but this one is packed to the brim with features. For starters, as I’ve said in previous video’s I prefer a mic that comes with a boom arm, this is handy for me as I like to keep the mic out of frame when I’m recording and it gives me a lot of flexibility to do so. Build quality is good very similar to the Tonor BM-700 with a slightly stronger desk mount.

The sound goes without say is very good as you can hear from the video but the real magic is located at the front of the mic where you find a mute button, gain nob and headphones input.

The mute button is touch with a red/green LED to show when you are live/muted this is a really handy feature for anyone who does live-streaming and though I had expected it too you don’t hear a big thud when you touch the button because it’s not tactile.

The Mic gain I thought at first I wouldn’t use because it can be adjusted on my PC so I didn’t see the need until I started to use the headphones and then it made sense. It’s not only adjusting the PC input it’s adjusting the gain sent to the headphones so it is very important in fact.

My favourite part that I had not realised when I ordered this microphone is the way the headphones work, I assumed it was just a Microphone monitor which in itself is a handy feature, but in fact, because this microphone has basically got a sound card built in your PC can use it as such… I’ll explain, so you can make your PC choose the microphone not only as input but output too, allowing us to hear ourselves on the mic and whatever noises on the desktop so if for instance you were gaming you could hear that as well and these volumes can be adjusted in you PC settings as you normally would!

Overall extremely impressed by the Maono AU-PM422 USB Microphone and how now become my new default microphone so hopefully, you’ve subscribed to our Youtube channel so you’ll be hearing a lot more from it!

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