LensGo LWM-318C Wireless Microphone

The LensGo LWM-318C Wireless Lavalier Microphone is a nifty little kit, it has everything you need at get started as a video creator when it comes to audio. In the box you get a transmitter (TX) and receiver (RX), quite a selection of mounting hardware and a lavalier style mic. Both RX and TX have a strong magnet on the back which makes it easy to attach it the different mounting options and easily remove it when needed, would be ideal for quick costume changes or simply just makes it easy to wear and use.


The TX has a built in mic so you don’t have to use the lavalier if you don’t want, it also has a fur style cove that can be used to stop the wind effecting the your recording sound. Its a bit bulky on its own so i would most probably use it with the lav, however if you were doing outdoor activity’s that wind break would be very useful so for that id use the built in mic, at the end of the day you can always tuck either style under your clothes to hide them from view.


The RX looks almost identical to the TX but without the in built microphone. It comes with a stereo and mono cable that can be plugged into whatever recording device you’re using. Once again the mounting hardware with the magnets is very useful and the crocodile style clip also doubles as a H-bracket (cold shoe) connector so it easily attaches to your DSLR or whatever you need it to.


It’s really simple and easy to use, just one press on the power button on each the RX & TX and its ready to go. You can manually switch the UHF channel if you get interference but I had no need to do this. Output volume is good and the in built battery’s seem to give a good few hours of usage and are easy to charge with a simple USB. They also provide you with a SIM style tool that can be used to factory reset the devices, handy if it were to crash or you accidently miss match the UHF channels.

Our Thoughts

The LensGo LWM-318C Wireless Lavalier Microphone is nice little kit, packed with lots of tools to get you started! The sound across all the mic’s seems good I had no issues with it at all when recording the video it was extremely easy to just pick it up power it on and get going which is always important when you just want things to work. I was impressed by the amount of mounting hardware it has and how small and light it is. If you liked this perhaps you might also be interested in our video / blog of the Comica wireless mics too.

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