Comica CVM WM100 Plus UHF Wireless Lavalier Microphones set

This is the first wireless mic set we have reviewed and to I was surprised just how good they are. The Comica CVM WM100 Plus is a great balance of price and performance.

So in the video, I touch on how I originally got some distortion from the set and how this was completely user error and after reducing the volume fixed the issue, well that’s not the full story, I actually filmed the whole video once with the incorrect settings and had to do it all again! Once again user error but it brings me to my next point, battery life. So I recorded 2 full videos with plenty of out-takes and it still shows half battery! I’m happy I haven’t got the worry of them going flat halfway through a shoot and even if they did the USB micro input can be used to keep going and recharge the battery. If you want to know what battery I used you can find them here.

So I saw quite a few comments about phone compatibility, I personally do all my sound recording on my PC but I did test it with my Android and iPhone and found it to work fine. Probably the easiest way to get this to work is to get:
– 1x USB sound card (
– 1x iPhone OTG (
– 1x Android OTG (
Note: If you have a normal phone cable that goes to 3.5mm jack it most likely won’t work because those cables are normally an output for headphones only!

So overall we really like the Comica CVM WM100 Plus I’m sure you will see me use it a lot more in the future! I’m keen to use its stereo features to better improve our videos and I know it seems like a minor thing but having a decent carry case gives me a lot more flexibility as some of our future projects might be out and about (world permitting!).

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