UHURU Video Creators Bundle

The Uhuru video creators bundle is just that, a great mix of all the things needed to get started as a video creator. In the box, you get a lavalier mic, a ring light, phone holder and a tripod. An impressive amount of equipment for a decent price.

The Lavalier mic is small and easy to conceal, as goes for all the Uhuru mics I’ve tested to date all have been very good sound. Plenty of cable to hide under your clothes and still have enough to get to your phone or camera I found.

The Ring Light provides plenty of light and has 3 different colours warm white, white and cool white and I wide range of brightness levels, I don’t think you would ever need it at 100%. It’s powered via USB so bear in mind you will either need a wall USB power supply or a power bank of some sort.

The phone holder has plenty of space for even the largest of phones, I have a large iPhone and android phone they both fitted easily and I even left the cases on.

Finally, the simple tripod has a full gimbal movement and has two different height adjustments. It’s are really handy as it has a universal camera mount on the bottom so you can fit all sorts of equipment as I say in the video I’ve got another one of these and I use it to hold a microphone or light.

Overall, a perfect little kit to get started and some handy tools that will be used well into the future of a video creators career! It’s ideal for me as I fit it to my DSLR for making YouTube videos but would also be great for all the other video creations platforms like TikTok or Instagram.

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