PowerExtra LP-E8 USB Portable batter charger

We at Hoddys Guides have just had an upgrade for our videos in the form of a new camera, the Canon EOS 700D. Unfortunately, although we got the original battery we didn’t get the charger so that’s where the PowerExtra LP-E8 comes in.

To be honest for the price I thought id read the description wrong because I couldn’t believe you got 2x battery’s included with the charger and that they have a longer runtime vs the one that came with the camera (1800mAh) but when it came I was pleasantly surprised, and so allowed me to get back to making videos, starting with this review!

Ok, so before we go any further ill admit the video isn’t quite up to our normal standard, I was trying to do some tricks to improve the audio of our video and using the camera to record and well it didn’t go so wall so ill apologize that sound isn’t up to our normal standard! Definitely learned a lot and it hopefully won’t happen again!

The charger is very compact, it has a nice tucked away cable on the back so you don’t need to carry one with, but it will also accept a USB-micro in the top from a stand-alone cable (also provided), its light and will easily fit in your camera bag with no issue. Simple to use as the LCD display shows you how far charged the batters are, they seem to charge quite quickly 50% to full in about 1-2hrs using a 2A charger, (i would assume a higher amp USB port would charge it quicker too).

This kit is designed not only for my camera but this is the full list: Rebel T3i, T2i, T4i, T5i, EOS 600D, 550D, 650D, 700D, Kiss X5, Kiss X4, Kiss X6
They also do other versions that work exactly the same way for virtually all other style cameras and if my experience with this one is anything to go by they seem a good quality product.

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