Mafia II Definitive Edition Part 3 – no commentary

After the what happened in part 2 we begin by helping Joey get himself back on his feet, unfortunately, as with most things with Joey involved seem to turn out badly, I was surprised how after these events how Joey seems to forget about the incident completely but no sense in dwelling I guess?!

A lot is going on politically now and lines are definitely blurred as to who we are working for and who is looking out for us. Vito has to check his loyalties regularly to make sure he is doing what he thinks is right.

There seem to be loose ends piling up all the time, waiting for stories to be told. Perhaps it all comes together at the end but the pace seems to change so quickly you forget ten minutes ago someone burned down your house, we trashed a bar but then forgot about it? I think a lot of the storeys need some closure… Perhaps it will all come out in the end.


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