Kronos Multipick Lock Pick Gun Part 1

The Kronos by Multipick is an extremely powerful tool for any locksmith or locksporter. In the video, I go into a brief explanation of how and why it works but in short its a very simple exploit but is usable on most standard locks. I show a few examples of locks and how well it does, some locks you will breeze through, the first lock I show in the video I know I can reliably get through in a few seconds with the Kronos whereas others can take a lot longer if I can get them with it at all.

It really can get you out of a jam, and fast. It’s part of my daily tool kit and though I’m not a locksmith by trade only so I only have to get through a lock once a week or so I’d not be without it. On a few occasions all I’ve had on me was the Kronos and some picks (No destructive tools), hands frozen from the winter wind dreading having to attempt to pick the lock when enters the Kronos and gets me in in seconds! 

I won’t lie, other times I’ve spent 30mins trying to buzz a lock with no luck and had to resort to other methods. So it won’t get you through every door but what will?

Battery life is brilliant, I’ve never run one down enough to worry and thankfully the kit comes with 2. I would have liked it to have come with a GB USB power supply but honestly, it’s only 0.25 amps so a computer or laptop USB is probably as powerful.

I will go into the extras that are also included in the box in part 2 but it’s all of an extremely high standard, you can really feel the quality, yes you can make a makeshift version of this with an old electric toothbrush but it will be nowhere near as powerful or reliable.

I’d highly recommend this to any locksmith who needs to use non-destructive methods.

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