Installing OpenWrt on the Xiaomi 4A, 4C, 3Gv2, 4Q, miWifi 3C and debrick method New 2022

After a good few years I decided to update the OpenWRT install guide for Xiaomi routers, I needed to update the method for new versions of software and gave me a chance to fix some points missed in the original video. I will add more to this blog post later but for now, you are all interested in the terminal command which follows:

After install of ubuntu copy and paste 1 line at a time:

sudo apt install update
sudo apt dist-upgrade
sudo apt install git pip python3
git clone
cd OpenWRTInvasion
pip3 install -r requirements.txt

At this point, you will need to input your router’s details password default password and router IP address then follow along with the Cyberduck FTP upload then:

cd /tmp
mtd -e OS1 -r write openwrt.bin OS1

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