FIFINE Studio USB Microphone T669

The FiFine T669 Microphone comes with a large kit, including not only a boom arm but also a tripod desk stand if that’s what you would prefer. The first thing that I noticed was the look and feel of the kit, its got a real quality look with its matt black finish and things like the foam filter just feel a little bit thicker and firmer than some of the other microphones I’ve reviewed.

They have really taken the time to go through everything you need in the instruction manual and I know this seems like I small thing but that sort of attention to detail makes it easy for me to recommend it to anyone who is new to microphones and getting them set up correctly. They also have gone the extra mile by including some spare springs and a clamp screw head just to make sure this mic will last and can be well looked after.

The sound is quite bassy and picks up a wide range, I think with the way the diaphragm itself is very exposed (you can see it clearly through the mesh) this mic would also be good for instrument recording, perhaps I should get a guitar or something for future reviews? Let me know in the comments if you think that would help.

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