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Getting started with OpenWrt

We’ve created a lot of videos on installing OpenWrt and never really touched the subject of what to do after. OpenWrt can be a bit of a beast when you first get to grips with it because it’s so “Open” (Excuse the pun!) it has so many setting it can seem very overwhelming so we wanted to start to tackle some of the first steps to make it a bit easier for newcomers.

Before I start the video is assuming you have Luci installed which is the name for the OpenWrt’s web interface. If you haven’t when you go to you won’t you will get an error. To fix this use these commands on any OS:

ssh root@

(When asked type yes)

opkg update

opkg install luci


After that, you should be able to log in, also as I mentioned in the video you may need to clear your cache if you have problems logging in.

We hope to make this into a bit of a series to try to cover all the basics of setting up your OpenWrt router so if you have suggestions of things you want us to cover in the next videos leave us a comment and we will try to make for you!

Uhuru UCM 11PL Shotgun Microphone Kit

This is the second Microphone we have made a video on from Uhuru, another reasonably priced Microphone on Amazon. The Uhuru UMC 11PL is a kit of quite a few tools, in fact, most of the things you need to get started as a Youtuber or Vlogger. It hosts:

  • Shotgun Microphone
  • LED Light
  • Phone Holder
  • Tripod/Gimbal

The shotgun microphone is impressive, especially when using something decent to record with, in the video I made sure not to do any post-processing to the audio recorded on my phone to give you the out of the box sound, but in dubbing, you can really hear this can be an excellent microphone with a little tweaking If you want to know what settings I used for this its the same as I used in the UM910 video.

LED Light is bright, to say the least! You would never need this at 100% for face shots but it may be very useful if you’re trying to picture or video objects to flood the area with light. requires 2x AA batteries.

The phone holder is nothing special, but it serves the purpose. It opens to about 10cm I can’t think of a phone that’s bigger than that.

Tripod/Gimbal is made of plastic but is actually very robust as an engineer I can see they have added strengthening bars in the legs to make it stronger. Gimbal has a lot of motion and all can be locked in place with thumbscrews.

Probably the best part is that it all uses standard fixings, so as you upgrade you can swap out the phone bracket for your camera. As you can see the microphone plugs in via standard means for most cameras (check yours has an input!), the H mounts for the Light and mic are standard for cameras and so is the tripod mount!

Netgear GS110TP Hidden CLI

This was a quick video, I just really wanted to show everyone what i had learned about the Netgear GS110TP and how you could get to the command-line interface (CLI) even though its an unadvertised or hidden feature. As I say in the video I stumbled upon the port while conducting a routine port scan of my network and wanted to learn more. I found a blog post that gave me all the info I needed to access the CLI so I decided to make this quick video to show the steps involved. Enjoy!

Uhuru UM910 microphone review – unbox, setup and demo

The Uhuru UM-910 is another reasonably priced microphone like the Tonor video we did recently, however, this one is USB. The benefits of USB vs XLR is that you don’t need to worry about fancy audio set up to power it, it just runs straight out of the box.

The mic has a decent build quality, its heavy which is always a good sign. It has a nice matt black exterior and all the parts seem to be strong and robust. The base plate is particularly heavy, you’re unlikely to knock this over by accident. The Upright has 2 threads so will fit most standard microphone holders:

The sound of the microphone is very good for the price, it captures a lot of the bass in my voice that most microphones miss. I did have to put the volume up quite high to get a good sound but that’s common for USB condenser mics and I still had room to put it higher to past the cutting point. All in all a great mic for the money!

If you have any question, would like to see more tests or perhaps a comparison to other microphones please leave a comment.

Kronos Multipick Lock Pick Gun Part 2

If you missed part one of this mini series you can find it here.

In part one, we went through the theory of the Kronos EPG and also showed some practical examples where we showed it in action picking a selection of locks.

In Part two we go through everything else, and that’s quite a lot! The full kit version of the Kronos is packed full of additional tools to make your life a little bit easier all wrapped up in a nice foam cut case. As you will see from the unboxing, there’s plenty of gadgets inside.

Multipick TNT-20-V3 Circular tension tool
Multipick TNT-20-V3 Circular tension tool

Probably my favourite thing (other than the Kronos itself) is defiantly the circular tensioning tool (TNT-20-v3) allows you a lot more vision when attempting to pick, it also allows a more steady pressure because you can keep your hands still and it’s really the spring that keeps the tension on the barrel of the lock. As you’d expect from Multipick a perfectly machined piece of aluminium and as an engineer, I love the attention to detail with the small ball bearings to centre the guide. It won’t fit every lock and that’s why they gave you the additional tensioners but 9/10 times it’s extremely useful.

Next, we have the Flip-it tool, I will confess I’ve personally not needed to use this… Yet. I can see where it would be useful, if you had to relock a door after picking or if the lock only functioned in one direction and you, unfortunately, had guessed the wrong direction. I guess it really allows you to use a tensioner in any direction that is comfortable for the pick and worry about the direction of the cam after, which is a nice feature. A electric shutter door lock also comes to mind:

Electric shutter door lock

So all in all a fantastic kit, and though I did toy with the idea of buying the Kronos alone without the kit, the extras pay for themselves just by making your life a bit easier.