Artmoney: How to cheat almost any game – Easily!

Cheating games has been around for since the good old Konami code all those years ago, and ever since people have found ever more interesting ways to cheat games. In this video, I speak about Artmoney a simple free tool I’ve been using since I was on Windows 98 I’m sure.

Put simply most games show your most important factors in numerical value, eg Money, HP, MP… these values are stored in the computer’s memory. Artmoney gives us the ability to search for these values and find what memory address they are stored in, with that information we can edit the value to whatever we want!

In the example, I show this long-standing software is able to edit the money value of a very recent game Showrunner but 9 times out of 10 this software works on any game. Before attempting these cheats its always best to save, if you were to change the wrong address you could cause the game to crash.

  1. Set Artmoney to the game and search of the current number you want to change.
  2. You may have thousands of results, so next, we need to change the in-game value, for the money you could spend or gain some, HP use a potion or take damage.
  3. Now filter for the new number.
  4. Repeat 2 & 3 until you find the one address, and change it to whatever you like!

You may need to open a menu or change the value again to see another change, also another great feature, if you click the F column on the address it will “Freeze” at a number, this is great for your own God-Made cheats!

Artmoney even works on emulators and just about anything where you have numerical values that can be searched. One thing to note is its not recommended for multiplayer online games, and because numerical values are most likely not stored on your PC for these games the software is unlikely to work anyway.

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