Mafia II Definitive Edition Part 3 – no commentary

After the what happened in part 2 we begin by helping Joey get himself back on his feet, unfortunately, as with most things with Joey involved seem to turn out badly, I was surprised how after these events how Joey seems to forget about the incident completely but no sense in dwelling I guess?!

A lot is going on politically now and lines are definitely blurred as to who we are working for and who is looking out for us. Vito has to check his loyalties regularly to make sure he is doing what he thinks is right.

There seem to be loose ends piling up all the time, waiting for stories to be told. Perhaps it all comes together at the end but the pace seems to change so quickly you forget ten minutes ago someone burned down your house, we trashed a bar but then forgot about it? I think a lot of the storeys need some closure… Perhaps it will all come out in the end.

Mafia II Definitive Edition Part 2 – no commentary

Part 2 of our Mafia II Definitive Edition playthrough you can find part 1 here. After leaving prison 6 years later we find ourselves in a different time, much more colourful, new cars and we no longer see people slipping on the ice, it’s now summer!

Newer cars come with more power and I’ve got to say I’m struggling to get the hang of the driving in this game, perhaps its because the last game I played through was Snowrunner I’m not used to all the speed!

Vito is surely rising the ranks now he’s out of prison and has made a name for himself for being trustworthy, with that his jobs are becoming more complex and he’s finding more and more of his time is spent removing his competition.

I’m definitely still enjoying this game and its storyline, looking forward to what comes next, in part 3!

Mafia II Definitive Edition Part 1 – No commentary

Mafia II Definitive Edition is a remake of the original game released in 2010 that was followed by Mafia III, I have only ever played Mafia III and though its a stand-alone game there are lots of nods back to the old game in it so I’ve always been interested to see the story of Mafia II and Mafia I (to be re-released later this year).

Like Mafia III the cultural references are set during 1940-1950s and they show the sorts of language you cannot get away with today, personally I think this is a great reflection on who we are now and how far we have come, but if you’ve not played a Mafia game before you may be shocked by just how true to times the content can be.

So far I’m enjoying the storyline a few things in the game could be a bit more polished like the driving, the other cars AI and sometimes the camera angles are terrible but I probably shouldn’t be so picky of a remastered game like this, the graphics are great compared to bits of the original ive seen. Stream doesn’t really do it justice I had to lower some setting to allow me to record and play. All in all a so far a great game!