A Happy New Year From All Of Us At Hoddys Guides

Hoddys Guides Happy New year!

Thank you

The new year reminds me to reflect. This year has been great for Hoddys Guides. When we started the channel not so long ago we would never have thought we would have had multiple videos with over 10k views. Our OpenWRT install guide on Xiaomi routers just hit 100k, so we want to start off this post by saying thank you!

This year has also been a long one and we had to step back from creating content for a few months, but I’m happy to say, that ends soon! The new year brings new content for Hoddys Guides and a few new ideas.

Whats coming in the new year

First off, the time off has given us time to reflect on what people want to see and it’s pretty clear that the OpenWRT content and Microphones are where it’s at. That doesn’t mean we won’t be open to new tech. In fact, we have got some great new products to dig into that we think you will like.

We want to push testing in the new year. If we are reviewing a Mic then we will try and test it in different scenarios. If a product says it can deliver gigabyte speeds we are going to try and prove that claim. We want our content to not only be about opinion but the hard facts and make sure products deliver!

We’re ecstatic to say OpenWRT v21 is finally out and we have been waiting for it for so long. We started the OpenWRT guides video and quickly realised it would be outdated almost immediately. Now the new version is out we can restart that project in the new year. Stay tuned as we have some new routers coming too!

We would love your feedback, get in touch

The community is great and building fast, we’ve lost count of the replies we’ve made. Happy to report that Youtube and discord are very active for comments and discussion. We might add a forum to this site as another means this year if we think it will get used.

We wish you all a Happy New Year from all here at Hoddys Guides. As always, we’re open to your suggestion so if you have any feel free to reach out!

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